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Trident DAO (PSI) Analysis

Trident DAO (PSI) is an early-stage blockchain gaming platform on Arbitrum. The project’s unique selling point is a Rouge-like 2D massively multiplayer online game based on the novel Risk-to-Earn (R2E) game finance mechanism. The advantage of the Risk-to-Earn model is its zero-sum nature, which does not inflate the token supply compared to the prevailing Play-to-Earn model. The aim of this research report is to provide a holistic overview of the project, contextualised by the author’s assessment. In conclusion, Trident DAO could significantly shape the blockchain gaming space if the team is able to achieve its stated goals. The project carries a high level of development risk, but could offer above average returns if Trident becomes the leading platform for R2E gaming.


Die Marktzyklen

In diesem Artikel gehe ich der Frage auf den Grund, wie Investoren das Modell des Marktzyklus für Ihre Investitionsentscheidungen anwenden können. Im Zuge dessen wird der vier periodische Marktzyklus erklärt, die Merkmale der jeweiligen Periode aufgezeigt und die Handlungen des strategischen Investors beschrieben.

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