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Fundamental Crypto Analyses

Here, I publish my scientific fundamental analyses of crypto tokens.

These analyses reflect only my personal views, are purely informational, and do not constitute investment advice, recommendations, solicitations, or offers to buy or sell financial instruments, or to carry out any other transactions.

Trident DAO (PSI) is an early-stage blockchain gaming platform on Arbitrum. The project’s unique selling point is a Rouge-like 2D massively multiplayer online game based on the novel Risk-to-Earn (R2E) game finance mechanism. The advantage of the Risk-to-Earn model is its zero-sum nature, which does not inflate the token supply compared to the prevailing Play-to-Earn model. The aim of this research report is to provide a holistic overview of the project, contextualised by the author’s assessment. In conclusion, Trident DAO could significantly shape the blockchain gaming space if the team is able to achieve its stated goals. The project carries a high level of development risk, but could offer above average returns if Trident becomes the leading platform for R2E gaming.

Fundamental Analysis, a Proven Methodology

In traditional finance, fundamental analysis is a method for evaluating the intrinsic value of a stock. The purpose of fundamental analysis is to provide the reader with a basis for forming a view of a company’s financial position, associated risks and future earnings prospects so that a sound investment decision (buy, sell, hold) can subsequently be made.

Crypto Fundamental Analysis, a Success Recipe with a New Formulation!

The new asset class of crypto assets differs significantly in its valuation basis from traditional investment values such as stocks and bonds. For example, crypto projects do not have official annual financial statements. Therefore, the application of classic fundamental analysis to cryptocurrencies is not fully possible.

Consequently, the time-honoured evaluation method needs to be adapted to the characteristics of the new asset class. In this context, specific expertise, a comprehensive understanding of the crypto sector, and many years of experience with crypto tokens and technologies are essential. As an experienced crypto analyst, I was thus able to develop a meaningful structure and methodology for fundamental analysis in order to compare a wide array of crypto tokens and projects

Crypto Analyses by Betz Crypto

My analysis reports contain the following structure with a conclusion and a personal evaluation at the end of each chapter:

1. Abstract

This section presents the main features of the project and key findings of the evaluation, providing the reader with an overview.

2. Tokenomics (Token Economy)

The Tokenomics section deals with all the important facts surrounding the token being analyzed, such as its nature and intended use (Token Utility). In addition, the token is checked for malicious code (Token Contract). Furthermore, the initial distribution (Token Allocation) and the future development of the circulating quantity of the token are determined (Supply Schedule).

3. Technology

This section tests the specific technology through which the project aims to create added value.

4. Team & Stakeholders

This chapter deals with the competencies, qualifications, and composition of the core team, advisors, and any other participants involved.

5. Governance 

The Governance section examines the project’s administrative structure in more detail.

6. Ecosystem

The ecosystem of a crypto project includes collaborations as well as the community that has formed around the project. In my analysis, I highlight the implications this support structure has for the token and the project.

7. Roadmap

The roadmap provides an overview of the project’s achieved and future milestones to help identify potential future opportunities.

8. Market Analysis

This chapter discusses market trends relevant to the project and analyses the competitive situation.

9. Conclusion & Evaluation

In the final summary, the advantages and disadvantages of the project and the token are highlighted, along with a personal assessment.