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Here you will find an overview of crypto video content in which I have contributed to as a crypto analyst. This includes recorded guest lectures at universities, explanatory videos concerning DeFi tools, as well as the F5 Crypto Talks.

My mission is to make the intricate universe of cryptocurrencies accessible and comprehensible to you through high-quality videos. Each video is tailored with the purpose of giving you the knowledge necessary for making informed decisions in the ever-evolving world of digital currencies.

In this lecture, I share my insights as well as the most important lessons I have learned as a crypto analyst and investor.

The lecture starts with the basics of investing that are necessary for every crypto investor (Universal Investment Basics). In the following part (Crypto Investing), I explain what to consider in fundamental analyses of crypto projects and illustrate, with an example, how crypto tokens can be evaluated based on their tokenomics. Concluding the lecture (Investment Styles), I introduce and evaluate three popular crypto investment strategies.

Further videos on crypto topics: